Welcome folks!

Book TreeAt Finn Mentors our aim is to make you and your organization Fit to Leap!

We are starting on a purposeful journey to create value for your organization that will transcend to your lives and vice versa.  The aim is to strengthen the management teams to maximize their positive impact. This happens by providing them with workable and hands-on strategies to make the work rewarding and enable them to enjoy other facets of life simultaneously.

We provide personalized insights based on science, experience and multi-disciplined knowledge. Our expertise is in strategy, management, occupational health and business coaching. Focus is to align work with your health, environmental and individual inclinations to achieve optimum outputs. The services are tailored according to your requirements and preliminary discussions..

The term organization means any group of people whether a business, governmental, nonprofit or educational institute with a purpose. Our mission is to make organizations realize their true cause and support them to fulfill it. We believe that organizations with vision, purpose, good strategies and management could lead to better societies. There is a huge potential to save scare resources, build new ones and even prevent wars!

Finnish, English, Hindi and Punjabi are our working languages. Majority of the published work in our field is in English. It also probably plays a role in the process of thinking and writing about the issues. Hence to maintain the clarity of communication, we will be blogging initially in English only. According to the response, the text could be furnished in other languages too.

The people and organizations we work for are our Patrons. Our endeavor is to minimize your risks, enrich your environment and contribute to your well-rounded success.

We are indeed obliged for your trust and support.