Aligning Diverse Competencies

Harry* visited my clinic and requested for an anti-anxiety prescription. It was our first meeting. He was dressed bit shabbily and looked tired. I had a relatively busy day in clinic with scheduled visiting times. I asked few questions with his permission. He was under severe stress. The time for paying his home rent was[…]

How to Build Healthy Organisations?

What’s a healthy company? One way to define it: A company that is growing financially, has a motivated and skilled workforce, with an aware and ethical leadership committed to adding value while being responsible to its employees and society. Why to pursue it? The reasons might vary but few important could be enumerated as: -It[…]

Lessons from a Long Distance Run

The weather forecast was for a nice sunny spring day for the running event. When we arrived at the venue, it was already cloudy and started raining thereafter. Suddenly it turned quite cold and uncertainty increased about the weather conditions during the run. Still the atmosphere was positive and festive. Here are few insights from[…]

Mindful Listening

Nina* contacted me a month ago. She has been struggling with some work related issues. She is working in the middle management of an IT company, which was bought by a multinational player about 3 months ago. The processes at her office are in mess these days. Among many things there is no clear job[…]

A tale of two executives

Mathew*, age 52 runs a small business with about 20 employees. I still vividly remember our first meeting. He had been in charge of this company for about 7 months. We were conducting an occupational health survey at his factory. Our team met in his office after survey of the premises. He was presented with[…]

Welcome folks!

At Finn Mentors our aim is to make you and your organization Fit to Leap! We are starting on a purposeful journey to create value for your organization that will transcend to your lives and vice versa.  The aim is to strengthen the management teams to maximize their positive impact. This happens by providing them[…]