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Designing your success

Devising Optimal Pathways to achieve Your Goals in Business and Sports

We use principles from the fields of Science, Systems Thinking, and Strategy to make work processes Leaner, Efficient and Inspiring

Our capabilities are built on the intersection of these diverse disciplines – Occupational and Sports Medicine, Critical Thinking, Coaching, Decision making, Strategy and Leadership Development

How we create value – Ability to analyze the issues with perspectives from heterogenous specialities, collaborate throughout projects, reduce the need of consulting different experts, and prevent problems at the outset

Work Philosophy – Ethics, Logic, Intellectual humility, Strategic and Value enhancing actions


Providing thoughtful perspectives for your distinct situations

Finn Mentors provide consulting, advisory and coaching services tailored for individuals, teams and organizations

Our expertise is in developing individualized health and work efficacy strategies for businesses, elite sportsperson, and cricket leagues

We collaborate with companies that value ethos, learning and building strong legacies

Methodology – Comprehend Systems, Formulate Strategy, Develop Culture, Determine Processes, and Follow-up with the Execution

We listen with Intent and communicate in English, Finnish, Hindi & Punjabi.


Strong organizations cultivate sustainable societies

We work with a Founder’s Mentality to grow your Brand Value

Enterprising businesses are essential for vibrant societies while sports motivate, inspire and connect people

Finn Mentors was founded in the year 2011 with an aim of strengthening businesses and sports teams

The journey has been enriching. ROI on these services have been more than 150% on average. This has been achieved by focussing on complex systems and strategy, preventing injuries and hazards, optimizing resources, and diminishing lost productivity.


Let’s discover our shared values and purpose!

Fulfilling your endeavour would be our commitment.

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