How to Build Healthy Organisations?

What’s a healthy company?

One way to define it:

A company that is growing financially, has a motivated and skilled workforce, with an aware and ethical leadership committed to adding value while being responsible to its employees and society.

Why to pursue it?

The reasons might vary but few important could be enumerated as:

-It would help a company to remain in business and face adversities better.
-Customer satisfaction leads to lower customer attrition rate and profitability.
-Opportunity to enjoy work and personal stuff simultaneously.
-People like to work in such organisations and form strong bonds with them.
-Leaders and management teams have ample opportunities to develop themselves and their companies.
-Such organizations leave a rich legacy and positive imprints in history.

How to do it?

Setting objectives: To achieve something substantial, it helps to have clearer objectives or a worthy direction. The objectives have to be inclusive taking into account aspirations of other shareholders. It’s cornerstone of a company’s strategy.
Let’s talk strategy: It’s so vital and easily lost in routine operations. Please invest time and energies in honing and improving your strategy. The process should be continuos with periodic deft manuevering and monitoring.
Why culture talk: It’s the mortar that holds your company together. The more quality and resilience it has, the better equipped it would be to face any competition. Like strategy, it involves lot of background work to build bases and regular monitoring to look for rough edges and polish them.
What’s the healthy sauce: Company and employees would mutually take an active role in taking care of their respective health. Sounds complicated? It is basically! Because it’s the secret sauce. The idea is to work a system where there are motivators to build healthier workplace and communities. Systems and appropriate culture are build to take care of physical and psychological health of employees. The healthier workforce with respect for company works for its betterment. The stuff needs expertise in different faculties like occupational health care, coaching and keen management teams.
Start from top: We love heroes and great leaders. Hence it’s a good policy to prepare top leadership to show healthy leadership. There are tools to build it. First look for right people and then collaborate to leap ahead.
Are you interested? We all have some biases and experiences. Are they hindering your progress? Look for right experts and be open to suggestions. When right teams are put in place, results could be stupendous. Do you want to invest for insights that if applied well have a potential Return on Investment of more than 600%?
What would it require? Leadership, learning new skills and collaboration. Simultaneously work on new business models, strategy, efficient operations and positive cash flows. The value gained would be enduring and enormous.