A partner who enhances your resources

Finn Mentors is a companion to develop your business and human capital. We assist businesses and organizations to achieve their potential and strategic goals. Our distinct attribute is in enhancing personal growth and aligning it with professional aspirations.

We are all partners in building and developing organizations, homes, societies and personalities. So we use the phrase collaborators instead of clients.

Our capabilities are build on intersection of diverse disciples like occupational medicine, coaching, strategy and leadership development. This equips our collaborators with a broad and unique perspective for their respective issues.

A business requires comprehensive grasp of its resources, capabilities, risks and trends. Besides personal mindsets, competencies and values contribute to this equation. We provide perspectives, frameworks and roadmaps to make you ahead of the curve and still being true to your mission.

Finn Mentors provide consulting and coaching to businesses with a distinct multidisciplinary approach. The impetus is on holistic strategic perspectives and action plans to accomplish desired results.

It was wonderful to discuss with someone who understands various facets of wellbeing and business as well (Owner, family business)


Providing thoughtful perspectives for your distinct questions

Received great help from Finn Mentors to develop life work balance and understand the value of ones working (CEO, Design & Leisure Industry)

We consult and coach for personal and professional development, strategy analysis and occupational health care planning. We deliberate, explore and contribute with insights that would be relevant to you. Our expertise derive form the following fields:

Occupational Health – Essential asset for your growth

This branch of medicine study and sustain your business activities. Scientific data and evidence are used to pre-empt risks to wellbeing of personnel. Appropriate tools are provided to improve work capabilities of both management teams and employees.

Research shows a value return on investment of 600% with a well-organized occupational health.

Leadership Development – Better decisions lead to great results

Leadership defines strategy and culture of a company. We work with management teams and owners to develop their leadership skills.

Finn Mentors worked with us to renew our strategy and company’s culture. The company has profited immensely. (Board member, Health Industry)

Coaching – Long-lasting skills for goal achievement

The objective is to use multi-disciplinary resources in guiding collaborators to advance towards their respective objectives. We listen, understand, challenge and motivate management teams to proceed and progress.

I rediscovered myself and this new identity helped to renew my work life with a new vigor. Thanks Finn Mentors (Middle manager, IT industry)

At Finn Mentors, we strive to provide you with the best perspectives and tools derived from diverse disciples. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn about your organisation's requirements.

Principles of our functionality:

  • Defining success and goals in context of an individual or organization.
  • Consolidate short-term gains.
  • Invest for the future.
  • Aim for balance in all spheres of life and enjoying it.
  • Value and ethics based functions.

We dig deep and provide simple yet profound strategies. Most of the novel insights and innovations result from varied perspectives and this is our Distinctive Attribute.


Strong organizations cultivate sustainable societies

Neeraj Bhuchar founded Finn Mentors with an aim of strengthening organizations.

He earned his medical degree from Bangalore University and received further training from Tampere University, Finland. He completed his executive MBA from Aalto University. He obtained his occupational medicine sub-specialty from Occupational Health Institute, Helsinki. He also got educated as a Business Coach from Business Coaching Institute, Helsinki.

Strong institutions and enterprising businesses are essential for vibrant societies. We furnish comprehensive analytic approach and provide insights to make you leap ahead.


We look forward to collaborating with you!

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